Can we just relive the Lolli fashion show from last year’s Miami Swim Week for a second?!  These girls killed it on the runway, captivating the audience with their playful sashaying, baby pink balloons, rainbow candy bracelets, teddy bears, cotton candy, glitter fairy dust and ultra-cheeky boyshort bottoms.   They did a great job of bringing a sexy, flirtatious vibe to a brand that’s so fundamentally sweet, girly and puerile.

Best known for their famous bow bikini bottoms, Lolli’s 2014 swimwear collection was inspired by carnival influences — a throwback to the designer’s childhood, when her family used to take trips to the fair consisting of “rides, prizes, food, and fun!”   The bows are a little bigger and the bottoms are a little cheekier this year, which are complemented by bustier styles, triangle tops emblazoned with hearts, and original off-the-shoulder tops.

Lolli Swim runway at MBFW Swim Miami

Lolli Swim runway show MBFW Swim Miami 2014

Lolli Merry Go Round top Our Lips Are Sealed ruffle bottom

Shop some of our fave Lolli pieces at Ophelia’s online store — or come by one of our two shops to see how flattering this cheeky fit is for yourself!

Video credit:  Photo credit: Zimbio.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 Jessica Gomes L*Space Strap Back Low Down Bottom

One of L*Space Swimwear’s best-selling bathing suits made an appearance in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!  We spotted the exotic beauty, Jessica Gomes, wearing the Strap Back Top and Low Down Bottoms in hot pink while on location on the island of Madagascar, against a beautiful backdrop of printed African scarves.  This is a bikini that hugs your curves, shows a little bit of hip, and provides a supportive, uplifting halter fit.  The top has contrasting solid black strings around the neck and back, which gives you the option of wearing it with solid black bikini bottoms, too.   (We like to mix and match; that’s why all of our suits are sold as separates.  A girl’s gotta have options!)

Photography by Derek Kettela.  

Vitamin A Neutra Bralette Top Klein Blue with text


Today we would like to introduce you to what may become your new best friend this summer: the Vitamin A Neutra Bralette Bikini Top.  This brand new silhouette was unveiled at last year’s Swim Show in Miami, and we were instantly wowed by its sexy, modern shape, and impeccable fit.  With thicker shoulder straps, a secure underbust band, two bands around the back, and sleek triangles that flatter your natural shape without sliding around, this is a no-fuss bikini top perfect for surfing, swimming, laying out, wearing fashionably beneath tank tops, and every summer activity you can possibly think of.  This is every girl’s dream.

Order yours now in black, red, or blue (July 4th is coming up!), or stop by our Seacrest shop to try on this gorgeous new bikini creation!


Ophelia Swimwear

Ophelia Bellinis and Bikinis fashion show Spring 2014 2

Models strut the catwalk at Ophelia Swimwear’s Spring/Summer 2014 Bellinis & Bikinis fashion show! Swimsuits by L*Space. Hair by Mindy Norris. Makeup by Jamie Gummere.


What’s better than a happy hour consisting of bubbly, fruity drinks, and girls strutting by in brand new bikinis against a pristine palm tree-lined sunset?  Umm, nothing that we can think of. 🙂

We welcomed the warmer weather this Spring by hosting another Bellinis & Bikinis event at the swanky V Restaurant in Seagrove, Florida (one of our favorite beach spots in the entire world).  Our courageous models helped us showcase some of the newest bathing suits that we’ve gotten in stock so far this season by walking the hardwood runway wearing heels, racerback bikinis, lace-up bandeaus, denim-inspired two-pieces, striped nautical suits, hot one-pieces, elegant sun dresses, and an assortment of accessories to complete their beach-chic looks.  Hair was curled into perfectly wavy tousled tresses by local hair stylist, Mindy Norris.

The entire line-up of swimwear was from the Spring/Summer 2014 L*Space collection– one of everyone’s favorite Southern California-based brands.  L*Space has become well-known in the industry as the go-to brand for functional, comfortable separates for the lady who is “active, on trend, and loves traveling.”  Fit and quality are at the core of L*Space’s designs, which are durable enough to be worn from season to season, and trendy enough to keep you looking young and fresh (no matter how old you are).

You can shop the pieces shown above at our online boutique, or stop by one our two locations on 30A to peruse the full collection and find a suit that’s perfect for you!

More photos from the event can be viewed on  A huge thanks to everyone who collaborated to make this show possible.  We can’t wait to do it again!


The Ophelia Swimwear team


Melissa Odabash Bex Cover Up

When we think of timeless, sophisticated, refined swimwear, there’s one name that comes to mind: Melissa Odabash.  Melissa Odabash has established herself in the industry over the past 10 years as the ultimate luxury holiday lifestyle brand— the go-to name for classy beachwear imbued with implicit glamour and undeniable style.

Melissa Odabash Kate Martin black bikini

Growing up in London, Melissa acquired an interest in fashion as a child, cultivating her sense of style from her mother’s impeccable taste, and learning how to sew at the mere age of 10.  Her love for fashion resurfaced when she later became a high-fashion swimwear model, sashaying down the catwalks of Italy and Paris, where she was forced to wear bathing suits that she felt were not only uncomfortable to wear, but kind of tacky, too.  The young model dreamt of swimwear that was simpler and more chic—designs that would be built on solid colors, perfect cuts, timeless elegance, and superior fabrics that offer women endless comfort.  Fueled by this newfound passion, she began creating her first handmade bikinis and presenting them to little boutiques around Milan — and wa la!  The brand was born.

“I started when I was living in Rome, so my style is much more Italian than American, and I still produce there. Americans are much more conservative, where Europeans are much more glam. Europeans love long kaftans and the all over look. They want the runway look…to go from the beach to the boat, and then straight into town,” Melissa recalls.  This all-over glamorous, exotic look is precisely what the brand has become known for, appealing to A-list celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, and Kate Moss.

The brand now includes everything you need for a complete head-to-toe elegant jet-setter look, from swimsuits to embroidered kaftans, dresses, jewelry, crochet shorts, sunglasses and sun hats!  We’ve had a long-time love for Melissa Odabash at Ophelia, because her pieces make us feel more refined and cultured… less like frumpy soccer Moms, and more like self-confident, stylish sun goddesses. 🙂  To get a taste of her European-influenced beachside style, browse our selection of Melissa Odabash pieces in one of our stores, or shop online!

Melissa Odabash Milly Top

Valentine's Day red bikinis

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while some of you may be rolling your eyes at the excess of romance and heart-shaped Godiva chocolates lining the stores, other lovebirds may be looking forward to celebrating this day with their doting boyfriends and hubbies.  Instead of going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, though, we have another idea: why don’t you stay home, sprinkle some rose petals on the floor, cook your man his favorite meal, and cozy up next to the fireplace wearing a bold red bikini?  (What guy wouldn’t want to see their lady walking around in a little red bathing suit while cooking in the kitchen?  🙂  Yeah.  That’s what we thought.)

Here are a few of our top Cupid-approved picks, if you want to make this a V-day he won’t forget.

1) The Zinke Katie Bustier in Rio Red.  A strapless bustier top with underwire cups from the lingerie-inspired brand, Zinke.

2) The Zinke Emmi Reversible Bottoms in Rio print/Rio Red.  These cute red bikini bottoms also flip over to reveal a printed side, so you can wear them in two different ways!

3 & 4) The Melissa Odabash Cyprus Bikini in red.  A sophisticated set with a gold U-barat the center bust that dresses it up.

5) Melissa Odabash Ischia one-piece swimsuit in red.  A halterneck one-piece bathing suit with slenderizing ruching down the sides.

6) The Zinke Penny Top & Raigan Ruffle Bottoms in Rio Red.  Tapping into the new crop top trend, this bikini top is like a flirty tank top that you can also wear in the water.  The matching Raigan bottoms have a sleek finish and a tiny ruffled trim around the waistband– just enough to bring out your feminine playful side.

So, there you go!  Break out the champagne, slip into a new bathing suit, and enjoy your flowers, jewelry and chocolates.  (That goes for you too, single ladies!) 😉

Mikoh Velzyland bottoms

We could not be more excited to be carrying suits from MIKOH Swimwear this year!  Mikoh is a brand led by the super friendly sister duo, Oleema Miller, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and Kalani Miller, who may be best known for traveling the world on the ASP Tour alongside her legendary pro surfer boyfriend, Kelly Slater.

Born and raised in a creative household, these Southern California native beach girls have a truly special gift for creating innovative swimwear designs, playing with strings, straps, and silhouettes in a way that no brand ever has before.  There’s a certain modernity to Mikoh’s bathing suits, which are completely seamless and hardware-free — a signature move that the brand never strays from, to ensure that your bikini will be smooth and functional in and out of the water.  Instead of using metal hardware, beads, sequins, and other potentially fussy embellishments, Mikoh relies on the creative use of multiple strings to accent their suits, paired with fashion-forward cuts that will leave you ahead of the curve with your beach style.

Mikoh Swimwear 2014

Mikoh is synonymous with femininity, beauty and strength, and wearing a Mikoh bikini will evoke these beautiful qualities in all of you.  🙂  Stop by one of our stores to check out our newest additions from Mikoh’s 2014 “Into the Sea” collection!

In the 2013 Surfing Magazine Swimsuit Issue, when asked what bathing suit trend will be hot next year, designer of Frankie’s Bikinis, Francesca Aiello, said, “Teeny bottoms! Nothing is hotter than a girl working those small bikinis with confidence.”  Oleema Miller, designer of MIKOH Swimwear, agreed, saying that if there’s one trend that WON’T make it to 2014, it’s “too much booty coverage.”

This is a swimwear evolution that has been developing over the past couple years: a subtle divergence away from the full butt “diaper sag” towards a cheekier, more shapely cut that exposes a bit more of your bum cheeks.  Or as it’s traditionally called: the Brazilian cut.  Although once a style known to be worn only by the most daring of girls – and only on exotic far-off beaches, where women run wild and free, completely devoid of inhibitions – this is no longer a style exclusive to the shores of Brazil and Hawaii.  The flirty “Brazilian cut” has become a mainstream beachwear staple, with brands such as Acacia, Lolli, Maaji, Mikoh, Luli Fama, Frankie’s Bikinis and ViX contributing to the popularity and acceptance of these head-turning styles.  Designers across the map swear by the fit, claiming that no matter what size your butt is, the less the fabric that covers it, the better.

Mikoh L*Space cheeky bikinis

If the words “cheeky bikini” have you cowering with fear and running for the closest beach towel, we totally get it.  We can be bashful about our butts too.  But if you’re feeling a rush of bravery, and you want to embrace the trend to feel extra sassy this summer, then there are a few things you can do to get your buns ready for some sun…

1)   Yoga. The warrior pose, locust pose, goddess pose, and almost every other static yoga pose will have you feeling the burn.

2)   Pilates.  On the mat, the pilates “side kick series” is especially effective at tightening your butt, hips and thighs.

3)   Barre Method.  Derived from ballet, the barre workout takes you through a series of challenging standing and seated movements that target women’s problem areas.

4)   Speed walking/Jogging.   One of the easiest and most ancient forms of exercise, speed walking or jogging for 30 minutes+ per day will help to slim, tighten and lift all the muscles of your legs and bottom.

5)   Swimming.  For mermaids who don’t like to sweat, hit the water and swim like a frog!  Swimming is a highly effective full-body workout that sculpts your entire body, especially your legs and glutes.

Pure Barre 30A

Need some more guidance?  Here are some of our favorite fitness friends/experts in the area:

1. Rachel Kennedy, Personal Trainer at Watercolor Workout. Rachel is know for making you do lots of lounges, squats & single leg dead lifts.

2. Laura Bailey, Owner of The Studio.  Laura teaches a Vinyasa yoga class that is not for sissies and will guarantee weight loss!

3. Kelli Precourt, instructor of the Core Fitness class at Balance Health Studio.

4. Pure Barre 30A.  Go see Ashley Singleton to help you lift, tone & burn those buns with tiny, targeted movements.

So get moving girls! And here’s to Sun’s out Bun’s out 🙂

If you’re feeling the winter blues, then prepare to be transported into a land of tranquil island serenity as you watch this alluring video from Heidi Klein’s Summer 2014 photo shoot in Antigua.  30-year-old American model, Le Call (who I could’ve sworn was Brazilian), moves languidly and dreamily through the video, becoming one with the elements, making every piece of the collection look perfectly sophisticated yet still young and fresh.

This swimwear collection encompasses everything from classic color combinations of navy and white to daring splashes of energetic hot orange and raspberry, inspired by Brazil & Istanbul.  Heidi’s signature nautical trend is present, as well as modern geometric prints, exotic snakeskin prints, stripes, and solid muted earth tones, while gold hardware bestows a sense of unspoken opulence and class.  But the collection would not complete our gypsy wanderlust souls without the white cotton Seville cover-up, a smidge of white crochet, and the braided/rope strings seen on several two-piece bikinis and dresses!  This is one of our favorite Heidi Klein collections to date, because the swimsuit shapes are truly perfect for any woman, and the sun dresses can lend an inner elegance to anyone’s beachside style.


Heidi Klein Monterosso

Heidi Klein Persia bikini

Heidi Klein Vemizi bikini

Heidi Klein Saint Lucia 2

Heidi Klein Persia dress

Heidi Klein Istanbul

Heidi Klein Rio de Janeiro cover up dress


For a fun read, check out the Heidi Klein blog to get some inside deets on this photo shoot, which took place in the gorgeous Jumby Bay, Antigua!  (Oh, and pst: you can shop pieces from this collection at our online store.)


As we watch 2013 sail off into the sunset, we are reflecting on some of Ophelia’s best moments throughout the past year.  We’ve been to Miami, Brazil, and the mountains; we’ve held three fashion shows; walked the runway at South Walton Fashion Week; earned a title as the #1 place to buy swimwear on 30A by; and countless other moments that shine in our memory as being filled with laughter and smiles.  🙂  We just want to thank all of the loyal ladies that shop at Ophelia Swimwear, and continue to help us grow and thrive…  We’re looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings, and wishing all of you a sunny and prosperous New Year!