Melissa Odabash Defines Glamourous, Sophisticated Beachwear


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When we think of timeless, sophisticated, refined swimwear, there’s one name that comes to mind: Melissa Odabash.  Melissa Odabash has established herself in the industry over the past 10 years as the ultimate luxury holiday lifestyle brand— the go-to name for classy beachwear imbued with implicit glamour and undeniable style.

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Growing up in London, Melissa acquired an interest in fashion as a child, cultivating her sense of style from her mother’s impeccable taste, and learning how to sew at the mere age of 10.  Her love for fashion resurfaced when she later became a high-fashion swimwear model, sashaying down the catwalks of Italy and Paris, where she was forced to wear bathing suits that she felt were not only uncomfortable to wear, but kind of tacky, too.  The young model dreamt of swimwear that was simpler and more chic—designs that would be built on solid colors, perfect cuts, timeless elegance, and superior fabrics that offer women endless comfort.  Fueled by this newfound passion, she began creating her first handmade bikinis and presenting them to little boutiques around Milan — and wa la!  The brand was born.

“I started when I was living in Rome, so my style is much more Italian than American, and I still produce there. Americans are much more conservative, where Europeans are much more glam. Europeans love long kaftans and the all over look. They want the runway look…to go from the beach to the boat, and then straight into town,” Melissa recalls.  This all-over glamorous, exotic look is precisely what the brand has become known for, appealing to A-list celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, and Kate Moss.

The brand now includes everything you need for a complete head-to-toe elegant jet-setter look, from swimsuits to embroidered kaftans, dresses, jewelry, crochet shorts, sunglasses and sun hats!  We’ve had a long-time love for Melissa Odabash at Ophelia, because her pieces make us feel more refined and cultured… less like frumpy soccer Moms, and more like self-confident, stylish sun goddesses. 🙂  To get a taste of her European-influenced beachside style, browse our selection of Melissa Odabash pieces in one of our stores, or shop online!

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