New Brand at Ophelia: MIKOH

Mikoh Velzyland bottoms

We could not be more excited to be carrying suits from MIKOH Swimwear this year!  Mikoh is a brand led by the super friendly sister duo, Oleema Miller, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and Kalani Miller, who may be best known for traveling the world on the ASP Tour alongside her legendary pro surfer boyfriend, Kelly Slater.

Born and raised in a creative household, these Southern California native beach girls have a truly special gift for creating innovative swimwear designs, playing with strings, straps, and silhouettes in a way that no brand ever has before.  There’s a certain modernity to Mikoh’s bathing suits, which are completely seamless and hardware-free — a signature move that the brand never strays from, to ensure that your bikini will be smooth and functional in and out of the water.  Instead of using metal hardware, beads, sequins, and other potentially fussy embellishments, Mikoh relies on the creative use of multiple strings to accent their suits, paired with fashion-forward cuts that will leave you ahead of the curve with your beach style.

Mikoh Swimwear 2014

Mikoh is synonymous with femininity, beauty and strength, and wearing a Mikoh bikini will evoke these beautiful qualities in all of you.  🙂  Stop by one of our stores to check out our newest additions from Mikoh’s 2014 “Into the Sea” collection!

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