Behind the Scenes with Oui We Girl

We recently had the honor to join with Andi of Oui We Girl and shoot for her newest book, A Wanderful Life, that is being published in 2017. Andi is a creative that currently calls New Orleans home. Named one of the south’s 75 Most Stylish SoutherneIMG_8798rs,  Andi’s experience ranges from Southern Living to Refinery 29. We were thrilled when we were asked to work together with her on shooting for her new book and had an incredible time working alongside one of the most creative and go-getter girl bosses in the south! We had a chance to ask Andi some questions to get to know more about her passion and what makes Andi, well, so “Andi!”

We are big fans of your Insta and blog! What inspired you to create OuiWeGirl?

Andi: I started the blog several years ago – I had a tumblr page, I shared things I loved, visuals that were inspiring me. It transitioned into a personal style blog, however what it is today is a serious departure from that. I’m a serious romantic and It’s become my story of bon vivants collecting perspective from around the globe. There’s a bit of self exploration that happens in the travels and the writing I do – and hopefully the reader can identify with that.

We’re so excited about your upcoming book project and we were super honored to play a small part via our recent shoot collab. Can you tell us a bit about it and when/where it will be available?

Andi: The past few years my travels have been the most extensive they’ve ever been. In that, the idea for the book was born. It’s titled “A Wanderful Life: A Modern Gypsy’s Guide to the Infinitely Stylish Road Trip.” It will feature 9 road trips and the creative muses that have the notion of gypsy traveling down to a science.  It’ll be released in Spring of next year (’17) and I’m hoping you’ll see it at Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and of course all of my favorite boutiques like Ophelia!

What inspired you to shoot in our backyard of Scenic Highway 30-A?

Andi: I’ve spent quite a bit of time down on 30A and I find it to be such a beautiful and artistic little hideaway.

How would you describe your personal style?

Andi: Presently, as someone who travels so much I’m becoming more of a minimalist, however I love vintage pieces and things that tell a story… I saw a sign today that said “If Jimi Hendrix and Chanel had a daughter”… well, if they did, I’d be her and that describes my style perfectly.

Do you have any favorite go-to swimwear designers?

Andi: I love Mara Hoffman and Mink Pink, and Wildfox Couture has been a favorite forever.

Our founder Tori Von Pickren is a ‘New Orleans girl at heart’ like you. What is it about the Big Easy that you hold so dear?
Andi: My nomadic self finds the European, African and Caribbean blended city to be one of the most enriching in the world. The music, soul, style and general good nature of the locals – I’ll come back for all of that every time.












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