Pack your bags!  It's time to take you and your favorite bikini on a trip. This is exactly what Monica Wise did when designing her Spring/Summer 2014 L*Space swimwear collection.  With a passport in hand, she landed in Grand Cayman-- an island that is pure heaven on Earth for the sun worshipper.  The colors this season were inspired by Cayman's baby blue Caribbean water, sugary white sand, and bright, breezy, sunlit seascape. Whether you're an active girl who wants to surf and snorkel, an island-loving babe who wants to lay out on the beach, or a sexy sophisticate who wants to look good with a sunhat by the pool, the L*Space 2014 swimwear collection has something for everyone.  Known for their great fabrics, functional fit, and versatile appeal, you can't go wrong when you invest in an L*Space swimsuit.

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